Betul ka x...aku pn tataw...

Ni la kunun2nya penilaian untuk diri aku berdasarkan tarikh bila bc2 jak, mmg byk yg mcm betul...hehe...

Birth number - 9
~ The number nine is associated with luck and accomplishment. You are a charming person who can make friends very easily. You like to be in control of any situation you are in. In a group of friends, you are likely to be the most entertaining person. You are a compassionate person who goes out of way to help others. You are sensitive but few know it.

Birth color - Purple
~ Purple symbolizes royalty, respect, freedom and power. You are a fashionable and an artistic person. You are very jolly and are popular among your friends. You are ambitious and independent.

Libra - as a lover
~You are fantastic and a very sexy lover. You love mush and romance in your relationships. You like to flirt even when you are committed but most of it is harmless fun. You tend to trust anyone very fast. So be careful because you fall in love too fast. You love peaceful dinners and relaxed evening walks with your partner. You are an extremely passionate lover and the opposite sex adores you for that. You express your love whenever and wherever you can. You take great care of your sweetheart and shower all your attention on your sweetheart.
~~~~Your kissing style:
Your kisses are wild and amazing.
~~~~To attract you, the opposite sex must be - Stylish, sophisticated, attentive, mysterious, etc.
~~~~You are more compatible with - Aries, Aquarius, Gemini
~~~~You are less compatible with - Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn

Born on - September.
~ Wise and humble. Inspiring character. Cool in difficult situations. Altruistic and sympathetic. Love travelling. Knowledgeable beyond my years. Industrious. Understanding nature. Friendly with all. Like helping others. Fun to be with. Loyal lover. Good looker and great dresser. Confident.

Birth stone - Sapphire
~ Sapphire is believed to bring peace and wisdom to the bearer. It signifies truth. You are an achiever, industrious in what you do, mentally strong and become emotional at times but dont show it.

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